Free Wedding Planning

If you are getting married in the near future you may be well aware that you are in for the best of times and the worst of times. A wedding can and should be the happiest day of your life but the stresses and strains of organizing and planning this celebration can be unbearable. In this article we will aim to give you some basic advice and suggestions in our free wedding planning guide.

The first piece of advice in our free wedding planning guide is the venue for the reception. You need a place with enough space available for guests, food and dancing if you so choose one piece of advice is to hire a hotel or a banquet hall. Many choose this option despite the expense. Hotels and banquet halls are used to catering for large numbers of people and have their own facilities on hand to suit your needs. Many will help with the organization and take the stress off of you.

Our second piece of advice in our free wedding planning guide is to help with the rings. You and your spouse to be should choose the rings together. This way you’re both assured of getting something you like and feel you have contributed. Try to avoid fashion statements when choosing wedding rings. These are mint to lat a lifetime and you don’t want something that will be out of style in a few years time.

Our third piece of advice in our free wedding planning guide has to do with flowers. You may have to call around to several different florists if your wedding is during the high wedding season, or near a major holiday. Florists get extremely busy at these times so as soon as you know your wedding date get on the phone.

Hopefully the advice in this free wedding planning guide is helpful. Being organized and working months ahead can save you a lot of stress and heartache when it comes to planning your big day. When it is affordable and practical, let the places do all of the planning for you. Hotels and halls quite often have this available. Choose important items with your spouse to be and don’t wait until the last minute to get those oh so important wedding accessories. Following the simplest of advice can ensure your wedding goes off as planned and add years to your life.

Wedding Planning Books Can Save Your Money & Your Sanity!

If you are becoming stressed out or broke over planning your own wedding, you may want to look into the various wedding planning books available on the market today. When my husband and I decided to get married, we set a date that was only 8 weeks away, thinking we’d have plenty of time to get things done. However, when we saw that there were a lot more decisions involved than we thought, and we were afraid we were going to go over our projected wedding budget of $300.

I began looking all over the Internet for wedding planning guides and anything else that would help me. That’s when I found Amazing Wedding Planning. At first, I didn’t think I should purchase it, since we were already halfway through our budget, and only have a few things planned. However, I am very glad I talked myself into it. We ended up planning our wedding in time, and saving almost $1400 off our wedding budget.

Wedding planning books like Amazing Wedding Planning expose you to little known secrets in the wedding industry. Things like how local wedding vendors often work together and advertise each other’s services. Say, for instance, you hire a caterer for your reception. They go on and on about the best wedding entertainers in the area, so you hire them as well.

Well, it may turn out they were not much entertainment, and you feel overcharged for their services. That’s because many vendors (caterers, bands, photographers, florists, etc.) create a referral program with each other, so they all make money if you choose to go with their recommendations. It’s a win-win situation for them, but could be a big fat loss for you.

Amazing Wedding Planning will also provide you with tips on how to get a beautiful wedding gown, cake, and decor for a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to have a dress that costs $1000’s to look stunning, especially when a $100-$200 is so similar, everyone will think you paid a fortune for it. You’ll also learn how to effectively shop for the perfect dress without getting burning out or making a hasty decision.

The author of Amazing Wedding Planning, Erica Yoon, has quickly become an expert on the subject of wedding planning. She’ll show you how her and husband had a $30,000 wedding for only $10,000. For many, that’s still a lot of money, but she basically she can show you how to take off up to 80% of your wedding budget, no matter what it is currently set at. All you really need is her very affordable book to successfully plan your wedding. No wedding planner is this good, and they are way more expensive.

Sourcing a Wedding Planning Checklist

A wedding planning checklist is one of those crucial planning tools that no bride should be without. They offer every bride a guide to what they need to organize for their big day, whilst showing when they should be doing it in relation to their wedding date and their planning time frame.

You should never have to pay for a wedding planning checklist, unless of course your wedding is of such a unique nature you need to ask a professional to design one tailor made to fit. There are some many sources available for free checklists that you will find yourself spoil for choice!

Firstly check out the ones printed in your bridal magazines. Some are better than others, some more comprehensive than others. Most bridal magazines will run a wedding planning special feature every few months so it is worth looking out for those issues to offer you not only the checklist but plenty of useful tips and advice too.

The only downside with magazine checklists is that you will need to cut them out to use them and magazine paper is not all that resilient! Rather than destroy your magazine and end up with a checklist that looks like the dog has been chewing it, copy it onto your computer and print it out. Having a version on your computer will also allow you to edit it to fit with your wedding plans both at the start and during your planning.

There are many books available on the subject of wedding planning and if your wedding is very large and with a big budget I would recommend purchasing one to help you. These books will often have various checklists included within them and they are usually very detailed and very comprehensive. These are probably the best kind of checklists and although not technically free, they are unlikely to leave anything out which is vital to your day.

Wedding websites are ten a penny and most will offer articles and checklists for you to print off. Be careful about which sites you trust though, they are not all the same and you may find advice conflicting from site to site. Stick to the big sites and look for those that offer you free wedding planning guides when you register with them. This is usually a case of just entering your email address and you will often receive an E-Book on wedding planning which will include a wedding planning checklist and an all important budget planner!

In most cases you will need to edit any wedding planning checklist to fit with your wedding plans and time frame. However, it is well worth taking sometime to do this and to have a copy saved on your computer should you need to print more out or edit it at a later date.