A Good Wedding Plan – The First Step to Your Magical Day

A good wedding plan is vital for any couple who is engaged to get married. One of the first things you should do is sit down and make a list of everything you both want in your wedding and reception. You should try to list everything in the order in which it needs to be done, since some items may have to be planned months in advance!

There are dozens of things that have to happen in a certain sequence, to insure that your wedding day goes smoothly. For example, minister, flowers, photographer, invitations, wedding cake, reception, caterer, music, tuxedo rental, wedding dress….. When do you order each item? When do you reserve the reception hall? The caterer? The photographer?

If you can not afford a wedding planner, (And who can, in this tight economy!) you might consider buying a good wedding planning guide. Not only will it show you the proper order to do things, a good guide will have many ideas and tips that will save you time, money and stress!

A wedding planning guide also helps lead you logically through what is usually a very emotional and stressful time. Often, vendors try to take advantage of brides-to-be, because they know that the bride is likely thinking with her heart and wants every detail to be perfect. A good guide will show you how to negotiate with these people and get the deal that is best for you. You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

With a good wedding plan, you will be all smiles on your magical day! By following your well thought out plan, you will not be fretting about what you may have forgotten. Save the stress for things AFTER your wedding, like what happens to your luggage on your honeymoon! (Sorry, I can not help you there…)

A Wedding Planning Mini Guide

If you are considering marriage, this little wedding plan guide might be useful for you. There are lots of paid information and tips online on how to plan a successful wedding. This however, is a free wedding planning guide that is not comprehensive, but can at least give you some tips on how to approach the wedding planning issues.

I guess you already have lots of thoughts and visions of how your wedding day should be. If you want to arrange a successful wedding reception you need to put down some legwork upfront. Don’t run to the nearest wedding shop. Wait until you have read this. What I am trying to say is: If you spend a little time preparing and planning, the chances are high that your wedding party will be a successful event that both you and your guests won’t forget.

The first thing you should do is jot down a list of important topics to discuss with your fiancée. Do a brainstorming here, write down everything that comes up in your mind no matter how crazy or unimportant it seems. Later you can evaluate and eventually take issues off of the list, but the task now is to ensure that you don’t forget anything that can make your wedding a memorable success. Without telling you what to write, there are some issues that are difficult not to consider, like the number of guests, the maximum amount you want to spend, who is going to pay for the wedding, which type of wedding – religious, civil, traditional, theme etc.

When you have completed the list and removed issues that you consider as unimportant or not wanted, you and your fiancée have to discuss it and try to come to a proposal that both of you can accept. Then it is time to arrange a meeting with the parents to discuss the various topics. The most difficult parts will probably be those that involve money – the budget and who is going to pay and how much each. Another controversial issue is the guest list. Stick to the topics in your list and find out what is most important to them. Try to reach a consensus.
You then need to elaborate on the wedding ideas you have come up with. You can check out wedding web sites on the Internet, take a look at bridal magazines and books. You also need to pick a wedding date. If you want to reserve a popular site, it is important to set the date well in advance.

Many couples are so stressed the days before their wedding that when the day comes they are exhausted. The best way to prevent this and make a great wedding for both you and the guest is to get organized and start the planning well in advance. You must also decide whether or not to hire a wedding consultant or event planner. You can also purchase a complete wedding planner or wedding management software. It is easiest do do that online, since you can download it and start to use it immediately.

Wedding Planning on a Dime

So, your wedding is coming up but you don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. You want all the glitz and glamor of a superstar wedding but you’re not made of cash. Hey – we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Planning a wedding during a recession is no easy task. It seems like every involved with the big day costs and arm and a leg too.

There are some key tricks for getting things like wedding favors and DJs/bands very cheap. There’s an incredible wedding planning guide available that has been the secret of wedding planners for years. You can DIY when it comes to wedding planning on a dime. You shouldn’t give up on your lifelong dream of having a stunning ceremony just because we’re in hard economic times. Cheer up – there is a solution.

Getting prepared for a wedding can be completely overwhelming. There is so much to think about. The cost of a wedding can be a huge strain on your pocket. The cost of most weddings is simply unreal. If you are a bride considering getting a wedding planner, you may not have to. You can actually organize your own wedding. You can be the mastermind behind your own wedding. Planning a wedding on a shoestring budget does not mean it has to look wimpy. I’ve been to some beautiful weddings that didn’t cost very much. A superb wedding planner can get things for a wedding at very low prices.

7 Highly Effective Habits For the Wedding Planning Process

Without proper planning and communication, you could easily find yourself stuck spending more than you wanted to, not to mention frazzled. Make these 7 Effective Habits part of your Wedding Planning Process and the outcome is sure to be exactly what you wanted your wedding day to be!

1. Don’t Procrastinate

We certainly can’t stress this morsel of wisdom enough. You’ll enjoy your wedding far more if you’re not cramming everything into the last two months. It’s a tad bit difficult to write romantic wedding vows when you’ve waited until the night before the wedding to put pen to paper.

2. Find the right Wedding Planning Guide Book

Being organized is key, not only to getting things done but to saving money, and there is just too many parts to the planning of a wedding that it wouldn’t be smart or cost effective to try to think of all the the various details you need to handle by yourself. I highly recommend finding a Wedding Planning Guide Book to walk you through this. These guides cover everything that needs to be planned and organized including timelines and budgets and they help you with ways to find the best deals! There are many good guides out there, just do your research to find the one that best fits your particular needs.

3. Schedule Planning Time

Be sure to schedule meeting times with each other to discuss the details of the wedding: the schedule, the budget, the vendors, etc. Be diligent about keeping these appointments with each other. This is the beginning of another important marriage building skill-shared decision-making.

4. Communicate & Compromise

You’ll definitely have the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the delicate arts of communication and compromise. You’re designing a wedding that suits the two of you, while taking into account the needs of your families and guests. Through this process of planning and compromise you will learn new ways of communicating with each other, as well as discover areas where it is difficult for you to express yourselves.

Establish a daily ritual to discuss your feelings and share your thoughts. Even if you only have time for a five-minute chat. It is the consistency, not the quantity of conversation that counts.

5. Share the Tasks & Delegate

Long gone are the days when the groom took a back seat and let his rosy-cheeked bride make all the decisions. Welcome to the 21st century. Couples are now splitting the list in half. Brides rejoice! Two people dividing the lengthy task list will not only reduce stress for you, it allows the groom, traditionally the most ignored person in the entire affair, to participate in his own wedding. A novel concept, we know.

Above and beyond the professional help you hire, create a wedding support network for yourself. Make a list with your fiancé of the various friends and family who might want to be involved with your wedding. Give each of them a task, stated as clearly and specifically as possible. Call them regularly to give them your appreciation and to check on how their project is coming along.

6. Be Assertive

Communicate your wishes clearly and tactfully to wedding professionals, friends and family members. Practice saying “no” and using phrases like, “we have discussed this and we feel that” It’s your wedding and don’t you forget it.

7. Take Care of Yourself

Pay attention to the essentials of good health. Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol and nicotine, which put unnecessary strain on both body and mind. Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish. Get a full night’s sleep to revitalize. Dreaming releases the accumulated stress of the day and stabilizes the brain waves. Exercise is the best source of stress reduction known to man. The endorphins released in even a moderate amount of aerobic exercise can fight depression and elevate the mood.

Work at making these 7 Effective Habits part of your Wedding Planning Process and you will be pleasantly surprised how much it helps the whole progression!